Community Cleanup, Keep Your Block Clean

For 20 years, the Great American Cleanup has conducted grassroots projects that engage volunteers to clean up and remove litter from parks, streets, and other public spaces. In fact, in 2017, 186 million pounds of litter were collected by volunteers across the country. You can take action on your own with some simple tips to set an example and help to keep America clean. Remember, the less litter in the area, the more likely it will stay that way.


  • Pick up at least one piece of trash daily. Every bit counts.
  • Keep the front of your home and the surrounding streets and curbs clean and tidy. Plant or pot plants and flowers; mow the lawn regularly.
  • Teach children to put trash in trash cans and to recycle.
  • Help clean up local playgrounds and parks.
  • Paint over graffiti or turn it into community art projects.
  • Properly dispose of cigarette butts.


Consider starting a Great American Cleanup event of your own by visiting


Tip adapted from Keep America Beautiful[i]


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