Start a Community Garden

With so many benefits to starting a community garden, it’s amazing that you haven’t yet! Not only will you get to know your neighbors and feel great about working toward a common goal, but you’ll get to reap the benefits of what you sow (literally). Check out how to begin:


Organize members and pick a leader: You might want to start a Facebook group or email list of folks who are interested. Choose a leader (if it’s not you). This person should have experience in gardening or farming.


Choose some land: This may take a little research, but check with churches, schools, local groups, business associations, or the local government for available land.


Not all soil is ready for a garden: Be sure to have your soil tested. Samples can be sent to The University of Massachusetts’ Soil and Plant Nutrient Testing Lab for testing.


Plan: Plan how you’ll share the gardening space, what to grow in which season, and create some seating and tables for people to chat and enjoy the bounty and space.


Tip adapted from Sunset[i]



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